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Is Your Dream Date Waiting For You Online?

You may be surprised to learn that nearly 70% of all singles have posted a profile with an online dating site, and two in five married couples met online.

While online dating isn't for everyone, if you are comfortable with the Internet and you like getting to know about someone before you meet them, it may be perfect for you.

Today's singles are busy people, and they don't have a lot of time to waste on bad dates or incompatible matches. They want to be able to search through profiles quickly, eliminating the wrong people and focusing on the best potential mates.

Here the the top five reasons busy singles tell us they love online dating...

  1. Allows you to view hundreds of available singles: Instead of settling for whoever you run into around town, wondering if they're attached, and making awkward conversation, online dating allows you to cut to the chase, and only interact with available singles who are ready to date.

  2. Find someone close to you: One of the most important things about finding a mate is their proximity to you. Online dating allows you to eliminate people who are in other towns or cities. Nothing is more frustrating than spending hours commuting just to meet someone new, only to discover they are a bad match.

  3. More efficient than going on a bunch bad dates: The best part about online dating is you get to know someone and read their profile before you invest time and energy in them. That way, you can be absolutely sure they share your same values, hobbies, and interests.

  4. Less expensive: If you are tired of endless "coffee dates" and wondering if you have found the "one," online dating lets you interact with people and see who they are prior to contacting them in real life. The ability to learn about someone before meeting them is one of the biggest plusses.

  5. You deserve love: The most important reason to give online dating a chance is because you deserve to be in a great relationship with someone who's right for you.

The best dating sites aren't always the biggest. If you are over age 30 and are ready to try this out, one of the most fun and interesting places to meet quality people is a new site called

With literally millions of singles from all over the US, members are grown up enough to know they are ready for a relationship. but still like to keep it light in the beginning.

The best part is you can even take a peek at available singles before you actually become a paid member. Take a look, you might be surprised at what you discover.